June 4, 2014

My 25 Favorite Chiptunes, Part 4

Part Four of Five

No. 10: Yoghurt Factory by Radix

I guess it's pretty hard not to like this song. Another top-tier, feel-good classic by the master himself, "Yoghurt Factory" is a bundle of pure happiness squeezed into 14 kilobytes. I first discovered it through a game called Seiklus--which, interestingly enough, is also the game that got me into chip music in the first place.

No. 9: Lemonade by Bubu

Bubu is an excellent composer. Turn him loose with a copy of LSDJ and he'll come back with awesome, high-energy anthems like Lemonade. From his solid LP called "The Daydream Elevator," this is definitely a favorite of mine. Absolutely worth a look.

No. 8: Repeat by Andrio

I mentioned at the beginning of these articles that the list is in no special order, but if it was, Andrio's "Repeat" would be very close to the top. Beautifully written and executed, this is one of the best chiptunes I've ever heard. It's also worth noting that Andrew was apparently just 16 when he wrote it, which is pretty remarkable.

No. 7: Jet Alone by Covox

Released in 2007 on the "Infiltrator" EP, this hard-driving cut from Covox's "low-orbit wolf cannon" has a pretty nice non-dubstep drop going for it. The final track on the EP is probably more recognizable for most people, but "Jet Alone" is where it's at. Pretty distinctive intro, too.

No. 6: Pennies / Fuelship (Live) by Syphus

What it must have been like to see this one performed live. Brendan broke out his keytar to make the 2008 Blip Festival that much more memorable. After the contemplative intro, "Fuelship" explodes with incredible melodies and harmonic work. Amiga chip music has rarely sounded this intense.

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