January 31, 2012

Ben Landis - "Adventures in Pixels"

Now here's a new idea... instead of just writing music, why not come up with a quirky comic to go along with it? Ben Landis has done precisely that with "Adventures in Pixels", a pleasant 20-track release with enough happy chiptune vibes to go around. With many nice, lighthearted melodies in tracks such as "Chickens (Going 'Peck peck peck')" and "Matt's Theme", the artist also throws a few surprises in for good measure, including the occasional piano or orchestral-influences tunes. Aside from the music itself, however, the album includes a full-length comic in digital format as well. All in all, Ben's effort is well-mixed, catchy chip music that certainly warrants a listen.

January 16, 2012

Revengineers - "Self-Titled"

Revengineers, a budding chip-rock group, has played with the likes of similar artists Anamanaguchi and Starscream, but their debut self-titled EP has a unique sound of its own. You don't always hear such thoughtful and talented instrumentation alongside the retro sounds of Nintendo's NES and GameBoy, but the Revengineers pull it off here quite well. Be sure to check out the upbeat and melodic "Laika", as well as the other four tracks of this noteworthy record.

Stream or download the release here: http://revengineers.bandcamp.com/