November 24, 2012

4mat - "Sans Titre"

4mat (Matt Simmonds) has had quite a productive year. His new album "Sans Titre" marks his fourth release this year, and it's another solid effort that continues to push the chiptune medium. It's quite something to compare 2010's "Decades" with these twelve new songs, which succeed in progressing Matt's style with polished, cool, and even experimental elements. Far surpassing the previous LP "Origins", the new release is fresh and thoughtful, with lovely production and great songwriting.

Highlights include the riveting "Popsnare" and very pretty "You're All I Have", the latter including some nice acoustic guitar sampling. Also, "Tropics" is a hard-driving banger with a cool drum beat and a sweet melody. Overall, "Sans Titre" is a solid return to form for 4mat, and there's not a bad track in the whole bunch. I highly recommend it, and it's one of my favorite albums of the year.

[You can check out the album here:]