May 17, 2014

My 25 Favorite Chiptunes, Part 2

Part Two of Five

No. 20: Mosaik by Xyce ft. Radix

As it turns out, a three-way collab between Cerror, Xylo, and Radix was a great idea. Started by Radix and finished by the other two, "Mosaik" combines the talents of everyone involved in the best possible way. Very happy, very well-composed, and very nice to listen to. Features a great little outro as well.

No. 19: Hello Everybody by Baifan

One of the happiest and greatest GameBoy tracks I've ever heard, "Hello Everybody" essentially sums up why Baifan's music is so cool. With some charmingly simplistic vocal samples cooing along to the tune, this is another favorite of mine from the EP.

No. 18: Venice by Chipzel

Excellent, energetic, moody track from Chipzel right here. Has a beautiful intro and nice sense of progression too. Definitely check out the remastered version from the "Phonetic Symphony" LP for more bass.

No. 17: Victory Lapse by Roboctopus

Out of everything he's done, the "Victory Lapse" EP is this dude's best as far as I'm concerned. The title track is a good reason why. Lush, thoughtful production, catchy melody, etc.

No. 16: Breathless by Chipzel

This album is still one of my favorites. Niamh has definitely refined her craft over the years, but her hard-driving older tunes, like "Breathless," still hold up pretty darn well. Serious relationship drama squeezed into one GameBoy cart.

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