May 18, 2012

Kurt James Werner - "Schism Method"

Every once and a while, an electronic artist will come along and introduce a weird, unique, and cool new approach to writing music. Kurt James Werner, a graduate student at Stanford's Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics, has done just that with his release entitled "Schism Method". Through 11 tracks, he showcases an interesting and well-produced exercise in genre-bending, complete with glitch and breakbeat elements playing along with 8-bit tunes.

The first track "Twitch Constuctor" opens with ambiance and develops with some driving, whacked-out drum programming that reappears for the other tunes. But the songs aren't just glitches and circuit-bending--Kurt also keeps things appealing with melodic, retro themes in tracks like "Into the Ocean" and "Apocalypse Eagle".

If you think you'd enjoy something different or distinctive, then Mr. Werner's "Schism Method" might just fit the bill. While it's probably not for everyone, his music is quite thoughtful and worth checking out.

You can stream or download the album here:

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