August 16, 2010

Xylo and Cerror - "Un Peu de Douceur"

Cerror returns with a special collaboration album titled "Un Peu de Douceur", or "A Little Sweetness", featuring his friend Xylo. This is the first chip album that Cerror is selling for a set price--4 euros or $5.13 USD. His last noteworthy effort, 2009's "Rainbow Parade", was avaliable for a "pay what you want" feature, but, as Cerror explains, "We know you don't like to pay, but we have been making free music the last couple of years so some money would be highly appreciated. Thanks!"

The music itself is module chip music as it should be--happy, poppy melodies reminiscent of classic Radix tunes. There are ten tracks in total, a fair amount for the $5 price tag.

Stream/download the album here: