May 27, 2014

Review - Nadir (4mat)

After months of teasing, chip music legend Matt Simmonds (4mat) has finally revealed his latest album, "Nadir." With a strong attempt at keeping things interesting, there are some pretty impressive tunes here to compensate for the sparse tracklisting. Opening anthem "Vampires" kicks thing off in a very big way with thumping drums and a cool recurring melody. Meandering interludes like "Waves Rush to Shore" and "Vein" don't give offer much in the way of interesting hooks, but more structured tracks like the sweet "Daisies" are well worth revisiting. The title track is another highlight, with incredible composition giving way to a fun dubstep breakdown later on.

Piano samples also show up here and there, making more of an impact in the quiet closer than the aimless second track. Despite its minor flaws, this is a solid and pleasant album with some surprising moments. Definitely worth a look.

Also, if you're wondering who made that gripping cover art, you can thank Aliceffekt.

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1 comment:

  1. "after months"? 1 year indeed^^
    Anyway, this is another great release from my favorite chiptune artist! I love how it's not only strictly chiptune anymore.