July 22, 2013

Chip + Charity 3 Bundle, with Free Codes

Starting today, Groupees is hosting a brand new Chip + Charity bundle. For a little money going to a big cause, you'll get access to some great tunes from the likes of Chipzel and An0va, and you'll also be treated to the brand new album from Xyce (Xylo and Cerror). But wait--there's more.

Surprise: I've been given ten download codes to give out to whoever would like one! If you want a code, just send me an email using the address at the top of the blog, and put "Chip + Charity" in the subject line. It's first come, first served, so be sure to act fast. Last but not least, here's a big shout-out and thank-you to everyone at Groupees!

July 2, 2013

Brother Android - Black Gate EP

The talented Brother Android has returned with a brand new EP. "Black Gate" is an 11-minute continuous mix of moody, atmospheric chip music. While the melodies and songwriting aren't quite as excellent as last year's "In Death a Dream of Color", this short burst of creative energy is still worth checking out. Brother Android is one of all-time favorite chip artists, and his wintry 2010 album "October November December" was an impressive display of a thoughtful tone and mood. The new EP sounds kind of like a B-side from "In Death", and the bass-heavy middle song is a particular high point.

You can grab a free copy of "Black Gate" from BA's SoundCloud, and those who'd like to pay a little something for a higher bitrate should head on over to his BandCamp page.